Wednesday, 15 April 2015

An Interview with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot

A Visit from the CEO

We were super excited and fortunate to have Tableau's CEO, Christian Chabot, join us for a discussion! We talked about bootstrapping the company, women in data, living in London, and more. There simply was not enough time to ask him all the questions we (and you) wanted. Side note: Doesn't always seem to happen that you've been recording your podcast and the audio has been really good and then it cuts out at the end? Argh. Love you, technology! 

It also happens that Christian joined us soon after V9 was released so we had a super small discussion about V9 and the performance improvements as well as some reference materials for level of detail (LOD) calculations, which are below (shout out to Jonathan Drummey for passing these along)!

Into to LOD
LOD White Paper
Top 15 LOD Expressions
Tableau Server v8 vs. v9 Shootout

We think Matt is done taking holidays, so we can get back to more podcasting, yay! 

We love social media and we love you.  So, let us know what you want to hear more of, less of, or specific topics you want us to discuss.  We promise Emily will be super excited about it and Matt will have a dramatic sigh.

Matt Francis

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