Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Viz Makeover - Europe's Top Goal Scorers

This viz was recently posted on the Guardian Data Blog

They posed the question how does Zlatan compare to the other top goal scorers in Europe. Well that question is incredibly hard to answer using their viz. Firstly they have 3 measures being displayed, you have coloured circles, which are being sized by one measure, but not clear which on. They are ordered using a different measure. This makes it very unclear what is being show and what the answer to the question is. 

A dataviz can have one of two purposes. Its either presenting data and inviting you to explore the data, to discover what stories you can find. Or it its to answer a specific question. In this case the question is how does one player compare to the rest. Given that, the viz is totally inadequate. So lets take the data, remake it and try to answer the question.

Here we are just plotting the players names against the goals per game measure. This is the best way to compare the goal scoring records as it removed the fact that some players have had much longer careers. The only colours are grey and orange. The reason for that is that they are superb colours for highlighting and the purpose of this viz is to compare one player against the rest. So by assigning grey to all the players and orange to Zlatan it then becomes trivial to see that he compares pretty well. And that Christiano Ronaldo has an amazing record of a goal a game. 

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  1. I like your viz more than the sport. ;-)

  2. Sweet! “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”