Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Help me community source a Tableau Server Best Practise.

There are a million and one ways (ok maybe not quite that many) of organising your Tableau server. 

  • Do you use sites?
  • Do you have lots of projects with a few dashboards
  • One project per team or department
  • Several projects per department.
  • Few workbooks per project
  • Lots of workbooks and few projects
Is there a best practise for any of this? Well lets try to find out. I'd love to know how you have set your server up, how it is organised and why. What are the pros and cons of your set-up, what is there you wish you had changed and why. 

Lets see if we can community source a Tableau server best practise. 

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Matt Francis

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  1. I'd be curious if it'd be possible to gather data regarding the amount of engagement based on how things are organized. What organizational structure seems to increase casual user engagement versus more changes to workbooks? Is there any consistent approach to gather that data? Does Tableau collect that data from companies?

  2. I manage a T Server for our company, we're up to 500 active (last 30 days) and about 1000 in names.

    We decided on many sites (by the number of owners willing to self-admin their site (add user, permissions, etc)

    Many Projects by securable content / functional areas. Securing at Projects level is our preferred level.

    Then WB just falls into natural Projects that make sense. If there's a need, we create a common Project that shares common contents.

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