Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How Long will Theresa May Be Prime Minister?

On the 13th July Theresa May will become the 13th Prime Minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II. I thought i would take a look back at the other 12 and see how long they lasted in office and see how long Theresa might last. Seems like less than a year is the low point to beat, and 11 and half years in the record. This is a simple gantt chart using two dates and a datediff calculation. The donut chart was made using the tutorial on Andy Kriebels blog here http://www.vizwiz.com/2014/12/donutcharts.html

Matt Francis

Author & Editor

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  1. Hi, Matt, Thanks for the post...I have a question.
    How can you show "Harold Wilson" name on different rows. I tried to do this post using another country's prime minister names...But I could not show the same name on different rows. It always showed the same name on the same row..
    Thanks in advance...

  2. Hi,

    Its a little trick, i had to add a space to his name so as far as Tableau is concerned its a different value in the name dimension. That way i comes up as two distinct people, even thought it looks the same on the viz.