Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Pseudo Conditional Formating A Table in Tableau

Ever wanted to colour entire rows of a table in Tableau based on a condition? Well, you can, sorta, check out the video below on how to do it, or read one for more info. 

In this example I have a table looking at Tableau data extracts and I want to know which ones belong to archived projects so that I could turn off the update and take a bit of strain off the server. 

This calculated field looks at the project that the extract belongs to and sees if the word archived is contained within it.  If it does it gets the value of True, if not, False. This is then added to the rows, and the header is turned off. This has the effect of putting all the Archived extracts at the top of the page. I've also added the field to the colour shelf to add a coloured mark.

The problem is, the highlighted part is just the small mark, i would much rather have the entire row coloured. So to do that we need to use row banding formating. 

1. Remove the archived field from the colour shelf. 

2. Show the Archived field header on the row. 

3. Next, we want to get rid of the 'abc'. To do that we can use the blank trick that Emily Kund (@emily1852) presented in her TDT
This is just a single string of two double quotes and then we put that new field onto the label shelf. 

4. Go to Format, Shading and select the row. 

5. Change the header to be the highlight colour, in this case, orange. That changes all the headers to be orange, except for the far right, where the row banding settings adds the grey band.

6. Next, we can change the row band to be white and move the level slider to the left. Each time we move it notice how the coloured banding changes. When its all the way over to the left we get just two bands. 
7. The reason we get the two bands is because of the boolean true/false result of the archive calculation. We don't need that header anymore so right click on it and un-tick show header.

And there you go. A nice coloured band across the top of the table, clearly highlighting the issues, rather than just the mark. 

Be sure to check out the youtube video above for more details and follow on twitter at @Matt_Francis 


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